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JP-S55163424-A: Temperature detector patent, JP-S5516343-A: Alkali cell patent, JP-S55164069-A: Manufacture of hand for time piece patent, JP-S55164577-A: Motorcycle with high fender patent, JP-S55164698-A: Purine nucleoside derivative patent, JP-S55165615-A: Winding method of electric equipment patent, JP-S55165678-A: Charge coupling element patent, JP-S55166747-A: Data processor patent, JP-S55166763-A: Electronic cash register patent, JP-S55166781-A: Coordinate input device patent, JP-S55167120-A: Manufacture of amorphous silicon fine powder patent, JP-S5517939-A: Load switch with fuse patent, JP-S5518167-A: Supporter alloy for piezoelectric oscillating element patent, JP-S5518587-A: Replacing method for blast pipe branch at blast furnace tuyere and replacement working truck for this service patent, JP-S5520876-A: Device for locking shutter patent, JP-S5521338-A: Device for folding paper patent, JP-S5521415-A: Thermosetting resin molding compound patent, JP-S5522245-A: Memory system patent, JP-S5522465-A: Continuous hot rolling method of slab patent, JP-S5523590-A: Programmable* preereadable data processing patent, JP-S5523671-A: Tuner unit patent, JP-S5524678-A: Sunburn warning device patent, JP-S5525205-A: Variable directional antenna patent, JP-S5525425-A: Crosslinkable polyolefin resin composition patent, JP-S5525919-A: Indicator lamp patent, JP-S5526264-A: Dyeing and printing of hydrophobic fiber by water insoluble azo dyestuff patent, JP-S5526580-A: Heat fixing device patent, JP-S5526892-A: Diagnostic composition patent, JP-S5527922-A: Position detector patent, JP-S5528086-A: Electromagnetically driven shutter device patent, JP-S5530777-A: Fry counter patent, JP-S553354-A: Production of activated carbon fiber patent, JP-S5533955-A: Brake device patent, JP-S5534428-A: Superconductive coil device patent, JP-S553496-A: Manufacture of alphaaolefin polymer or copolymer having high isotacticity index patent, JP-S5535178-A: Exhaust gas recirculating apparatus for internal combustion engine patent, JP-S5535328-A: Non-linear optical device patent, JP-S5536740-A: Fluorescent estimation of phenylthiohydantoic amino acid patent, JP-S553679-A: Method of forming thick film fine pattern patent, JP-S5539037-A: Device for processing leaked fluid in valve grand portion patent, JP-S5539185-A: Button type alkali cell patent, JP-S5541054-A: Speaker cable patent, JP-S5541403-A: Drawing characters or the like on transparent base patent, JP-S5542421-A: Tuning fork type crystal oscillator patent, JP-S5543354-A: Vertical heat exchanger with fixed tube plate patent, JP-S5543384-A: Kitchen managing system patent, JP-S5545223-A: Color television receiver patent, JP-S5545360-A: Heat-treating device for animal and vegetable residue patent, JP-S554590-A: Distributer for liquid material to be tested patent, JP-S5546223-A: Terminal base patent, JP-S5546826-A: Power line carrier type carrier relay device patent, JP-S5547464-A: Dropping article discriminator patent, JP-S5547999-A: Wheel rotation device for aircraft by wind force patent, JP-S5549006-A: High-frequency amplifier circuit patent, JP-S5549366-A: Tetraglycidyloxy-diphenylsulfone patent, JP-S5549395-A: 55substituted 11*2**deoxyy2**substitutedd betaaddarabinofuranosyl*pyrimidinenucleoside patent, JP-S55500093-A: patent, JP-S5550791-A: Character broadcasting receiver patent, JP-S5551213-A: Vaporizing type combustion device patent, JP-S5552247-A: Manufacture of electronic device patent, JP-S5552693-A: Order input deciding device patent, JP-S5553136-A: Automatic load breaker for parallel operation nonnutility generator patent, JP-S5553908-A: Microwave oscillator patent, JP-S5554586-A: Electrolysis tank patent, JP-S5554667-A: Starter patent, JP-S5555490-A: Memory control system patent, JP-S5555603-A: Photo electric converter of wet type patent, JP-S5555683-A: Adaptive forecast coder for color television signal patent, JP-S5556003-A: Method of stabilizing insoluble sulfur patent, JP-S5556284-A: Holograph input device for television display patent, JP-S5557916-A: Temperature controller patent, JP-S5557987-A: Test data indicating system in bill discriminator unit patent, JP-S5558279-A: Manufacturing of adhesive film or sheet patent, JP-S5558680-A: Video tube bias automatic control circuit patent, JP-S5559939-A: Method of injection molding cassette half patent, JP-S5560107-A: Liquid fuel combustion device patent, JP-S5561288-A: Restart method of motor patent, JP-S5561914-A: Freshness keeping agent patent, JP-S5562369-A: Detecting method for ground-fault section of power cable patent, JP-S5562482-A: Electroluminescence element patent, JP-S5563088-A: Connecting device for pipeline patent, JP-S5563163-A: Trunk selection system for private branch exchange of decentralized attendant board system patent, JP-S556443-A: Plating thickness adjusting method in one side hot dipping patent, JP-S5566646-A: Electronic control carbureter patent, JP-S5566667-A: Control device for glow plug temperature patent, JP-S556675-A: Counterfeit bill detecting device patent, JP-S5567573-A: Preparing reactionnsintered silicon carbide patent, JP-S5570596-A: Method of working solid molding patent, JP-S5570897-A: Electronic buzzer for portable apparatus patent, JP-S5571505-A: Preparation of steel wire fastening tile board patent, JP-S557216-A: Separation of trimethylbenzene isomer patent, JP-S5572247-A: Data processor patent, JP-S5572651-A: Fuel ejection device patent, JP-S5573525-A: Manufacture of faucet patent, JP-S5574530-A: Camera for photographing of photoengraving manuscript patent, JP-S5574940-A: Butt jointing method of web and its device patent, JP-S5575233-A: Manufacturing semiconductor integrated circuit patent, JP-S557582-A: Calcium silicate material and its manufacture patent, JP-S557639-A: Device of processing dross large radioactive solid waste patent, JP-S5576689-A: Sewing machine driving gear patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, 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